Veredus Cross Country Boots

Veredus Cross Country Boots These cross country boots provide protection, support and comfort in the galloping arena. Crafted with modern technical materials, these tendon boots are lightweight, breathable and easy to wash for added convenience. Veredus is a leader in horse boot design and known for their cutting-edge technology. Their range covers various disciplines such… Continue reading Veredus Cross Country Boots

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Lameness in Horses – What Does it Mean When a Horse is Lame?

Lameness in horses can be a sign of several conditions. Generally, a lame horse can’t bear weight on one of its legs. This can occur from an injury to the leg or hoof, or from a neurologic condition. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to know the signs of lameness to avoid a potential problem.… Continue reading Lameness in Horses – What Does it Mean When a Horse is Lame?

What Does it Mean When a Horse Colics?

The clinical symptom of colic in horses is abdominal pain. Colic is a broad term, covering gastrointestinal disorders and other causes of abdominal pain. If you suspect your horse is suffering from this condition, it is essential to get immediate medical help. Rectal palpation is an important tool in diagnosis and treatment. Rectal palpation helps… Continue reading What Does it Mean When a Horse Colics?

What is Horse Soring?

Horse soring is a common practice that is banned in most states, but it is still rampant in the southeast. To avoid being caught in this practice, horse owners are encouraged to follow federal law and have all horses inspected after winning a class. Many states have also enacted state laws to prevent soring. Chemical… Continue reading What is Horse Soring?

What is a Mare Horse?

A mare horse is an adult female equine. In Thoroughbred horse racing, a mare is a female horse older than three years of age. In contrast, a filly is a horse younger than three years of age. The term mare is also used to describe a pregnant mare. Symptoms of a mare horse When a… Continue reading What is a Mare Horse?